Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jungle Drums

Jungle Drums

Yesterday after lunch room 5,6,7 and 8 had to line up outside to go to the hall. I thought that we were getting into trouble for pushing down the stairs.

When we were outside by the hall, we were all hearing banging sounds. Everyone was trying to think what that noise was in the hall. When room7 were standing at the door, I was so surprised what I saw. There was a row of drums. I sat at the front where Miss Sharma was sitting. All of us had to sit in rows and sit in front of a drum. We were drumming and I was happy. It was fun.

There were three people on the stage in front of us. Their names were Johnny, Lucy and Chewie. I thought that Johnny couldn’t talk, but he was just using actions. We all had to look and listen. It was getting noisy, but everyone was smiling even me. Johnny put us in groups and he still did not talk. In our groups we did different rhythms. Johnny, Lucy and Chewie were good at playing the drums.

Finally it was home time. Johnny told us that actions talk louder than words. And he told us what the drums a made out off. He also said that the drums were the first type of cell phone. They used them to tell the other people that enemies were coming. Then we went to our classroom and got our bag and went home.

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