Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Special Tree By William

Four years ago when we were living in Mt Wellington, I had an enormous tree growing at the back of my house. It was a guava tree and it had heaps of red and green coloured fruit growing on it. My brothers and I built a big tree house on the top of the tree. Everyday I would go outside and climb into my tree house to watch the beautiful sun set with all my other friends, but then we moved. I just sat inside my tree house and cried. The last time I climbed tree I could smell its beautiful green leaves and I could feel the hard rough thick bark under my hands and feet. When we hopped in the car I looked back at all those years I had climbed that beautiful tree. When we were backing out of the driveway my fiends came running and were asking me if they could have my tree. I said yes then I started to weep. We were off. Now every time we go to church I see that tree and it looks just the same.
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